Belbin GetSet and Apprenticeships

Young people need to be aware of soft skills. There's no point preparing them for a job role if they can't articulate their strengths or work well with others when they get into the work place...


How can you help them to improve their soft skills? By helping them understand their strengths, to see what they are naturally good at, and by giving them a language by which they can articulate this self-awareness.


This is where Belbin GetSet comes in. When young people understand more about themselves, they are able to better understand their contribution to a team/project/organisation. Using the Belbin language, which has been used in the workplace for over 30 years, apprentices are able to communicate better with others, improve team and group working, build interview skills, and increase confidence.


Belbin GetSet starts with a 15 minute questionnaire after which a student is given an individually tailored workbook full of advice and guidance.


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