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CASE STUDY - What might a Belbin GetSet workshop look like?

By Lisa Ward

Lisa Ward writes about a recent session with year 12's at Astley Cooper school.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Why our children's aspirations are out of touch with reality

By Victoria Bird

The findings are astonishing. A new report by Education & Employers shows a huge disconnect between young people’s career aspirations and the realities of the job market. So, what’s going wrong? And how can we best prepare students entering the world of work?

Work Experience - Get Inspirational

By Lisa Ward

We have a responsibility to inspire students and give them a glimpse into future possibilities...

It’s not just about what’s on the exam paper, it’s about who’s holding the pen…

By Victoria Bird

Whether staying in full-time education, beginning vocational training or an apprenticeship, or entering the world of work, exam results days mark important milestones in the journey towards a fulfilling career.

The Benefit of using Belbin GetSet during Duke of Edinburgh expeditions

By Iain Tinkler

Using Belbin GetSet to aid team working during a recent Duke of Edinburgh bronze training expedition

Ready, GetSet...Go!

By Lisa Ward | March 2019

The Belbin GetSet team have been busy recently, have a look at some of the interesting and varied work they been doing...


Careers advice in crisis

By Victoria Bird | February 2019

Have a look at some reasons why the careers advice currently offered to young people is falling short of what's needed...

50 minutes to GetSet for success

By Winston Pond | May 2019

Belbin New Zealand tell us how they run a successful and impactful Belbin GetSet session with a group of students in just 50 minutes....




Do we really know who we are?

By Sue Altass | December 2018

The Me, Myself and I programme helps students make the transition from education to the world of work...



The importance of team working for young people

By Debs Breacher | January 2019

Why understanding how to work with other people is so important to young people...



The human touch: teaching teamwork in the classroom

By Victoria Bird | January 2019

Human skills such as building relationships and understanding other people's strengths are more important than ever...



Engagement at school is key to happier, more successful kids

By Victoria Bird | November 2018

We know that engagement plays a huge part in the success of individuals and teams in the workplace, but what about young people in education?



Don't fear your weaknesses - embrace them!

By Lisa Ward | October 2018

Are high expectations making young people afraid to admit they have weaknesses?



Belbin GetSet and Learning Styles

By Victoria Bird | October 2018

When it comes to taking in, understanding and retaining new information, we’re all different...

"Easy to complete and accurate results it really made me think about my future"

Year 11 student King Edwards School N. Yorks