What are Early Careers recruiters looking for?


We asked early careers recruiters and advisors to share their advice for young people who are about to attend first interviews along with which soft skills they are looking for. Here’s what they said…



What do you feel are the top soft skills a young person can have?

What would make an individual stand out at interview?

What advice would you give a young person who is about to have their first interview?

Be honest, understand what you're looking for from the company and make sure you get this across. Be yourself and don't try to second guess the interviewer.


Prepare. Research the company and have questions prepared and ask them.


Be on time!


Firstly, take a breath. Whatever happens next, you will be fine. The person or people doing the interview want to have a fantastic workforce and they want you to do well. They are looking for someone who wants the job and will do it to the best of their abilities. Be that person!


Read up about the company. Think of questions you may be asked & your answers. Think of questions you want to ask them.  Know where you are going, how to get there & how long it will take. Dress appropriately!


Think of times when you have shown leadership and other characteristics.


If needed, ask for time to consider your answer.

If you would like to improve your student's soft skills, or if you're an early careers recruiter looking to give your recruits a head start, get in touch with the Belbin GetSet team to see how we can help.

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With many thanks to all our contributors:

Sandra Tyler, Head of HR, White Light Ltd,

Stella Platts, Careers advisor St Olave's Grammar School

Emma Honey, Director of CEIAG, Trinity School

Nanneke de Fouw, Director, De Fouw Advies in Action

Amanda Winder, Director, Strive Development Ltd

Charlotte Froome, Employability Coordinator, Guernsey College of Further Education

Charlie Froome, Work Placement Co-ordinator, The Guernsey Institute

Diane Fisher, Careers Leader, Kingsthorpe College

Penny Willsher, Recruitment Early Careers Lead, First Response Finance

Tshimologo Hilda Dingake, Management Consultant, Katlego Consulting services

Jim Murphy, Talent Development Manager, Iceland Foods